Retail and Catalogs
IMG's services in the Retail and Catalogs market include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing multiple lines & brands of products to our customers, so they can maintain less suppliers & establish a simplified purchasing experience
  • Designing product bundles to create unique and valuable offerings at a wide range of price points
  • Bundling multi-brand products and/or kitting products & components to create differentiated SKUs for each customer
  • Maintaining a well trained customer support staff
  • Reducing partners' inventory risk by utilizing the drop-ship model
  • Providing customer service/sales training for client sales staff and call centers on an as-needed basis
  • Reducing partners' inventory risk by utilizing the drop-ship model
  • Managing the returns process
  • Receiving & processing individual customer orders by maintaining an EDI infrastructure & order processing centers
  • Capturing product serial numbers & tracking information on outbound shipments
  • Accepting orders transactions via phone, fax, EDI, e-mail, web, etc.
  • Invoicing for each shipment
In addition to our other enterprises, IMG also offers extensive expertise in managing and transitioning highly volatile technical products advertised not only online, but also in our partners’ printed catalog programs that last an extended period of time.  Furthermore, by offering multiple brands, products, and lines, our partners are able to consolidate their suppliers, creating a one-stop-shop for their inventory needs. 
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