Premiums and Incentives
Our capacity to create unique product offerings from our vast assortment of brand-name inventory provides rewards-program participants with an exceptional value.  IMG's services in the Premiums and Incentives market include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Providing multiple lines and brands of products to our customers, allowing them to maintain less suppliers and creating a simplified purchasing experience
  • Designing product bundles to create unique and valuable offerings at a wide range of price points
  • Bundling multi-brand products and/or kitting products & components to create differentiated SKUs for each customer
  • Merchandising assistance such as product selection, copy writing, photography, digital imaging, page layout, etc.
  • Managing product transitions for highly volatile technical products with short life cycles, thereby extending the advertising investment in the incentive program
  • Maintaining a well-trained customer support staff
  • Providing customer service/sales training for client sales staff and call centers on an as-needed basis
  • Reducing partners' inventory risk by utilizing a drop-ship model
  • Customizing packing slips and documentation for the client, keeping IMG an invisible partner
  • Managing the returns process
  • Receiving & processing individual customer orders by maintaining an EDI infrastructure & order processing centers
  • Capturing product serial numbers & tracking information on outbound shipments
  • Accepting orders and transactions via phone, fax, EDI, e-mail, web, etc.
  • Develop and maintain dynamic websites that offer convenience, information, or products
  • Special ordering services
  • Incentive reward card redemption as well as standard payment acceptance, expanding the customer's options beyond their awarded points
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