Optional Marketing Services
On-Air Talent Services  Utilizing a talented on-air spokesperson is essential to an effective presentation.  IMG retains the services of a number of first-class on-air “guests” that have an acute understanding of what it takes to be successful selling products on television.  You also have the option of using your own company spokesperson to represent the product on the air.  IMG has extensive experience in training, developing, and managing on-air guests to get the right message across to customers.  To learn more about our on-air marking strategy, click here.  


Administering Rebate Programs 
IMG can successfully implement rebate redemption programs for our vendor partners.  Using approved guidelines and artwork, we handle the submission and mailing processes as well as operate our own PO box.  To ensure accuracy in rebate payouts, we capture product serial numbers on outbound shipments and authenticate returned inventory before administering the payout, so only eligible participants are compensated.
On-Site Production Management  In preparation for an airing or event, trained IMG personnel is available to manage the production on-site and in person, providing oversight, analysis, and feedback, as well as acting as a liaison between the network and the vendor.  We can make tactical adjustments to airings (as needed) in order to optimize sales potential in the form of extended host training, the addition of certain demonstrations, and other proven techniques to make each airing a success for all parties.


Customer Service/Sales Training
  Good customer service is key to a good overall customer experience, so it is important to handle each inquiring customer gracefully and diplomatically.  In order to better serve each important customer, IMG can offer our full-time, in-house customer service staff to provide call center support, account maintenance, and administrative services to handle escalating customer issues.
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