Broadcast Channel Marketing Services
Products can receive as little as 5 minutes or as many as 25 minutes of airtime based on certain criteria.  We work closely with you to determine the best way to represent the branding message and the product within that timeframe so that it results in significant sales while also educating the customer in order to minimize the return rate.  IMG employs a unique on-air marketing strategy designed to attract many different kinds of customers and to garner future airtime.  Beginning weeks or even months before your product’s airdate, we initiate conceptual planning of the on-air show flow and coordinate with studio production personnel.  Our highly successful approach of product branding, demonstrations, feature call-outs, and impactful props create a smooth, persuasive presentation that has been proven to generate sales and repeat customers. 


In addition to show planning,
IMG can assist with managing and developing the on-air talent guest host.  We can provide one of our professionals or we can help train a company representative to make the presentations.

In addition to our logistical services, IMG has an extensive background in TV production and operations, allowing us to provide a complete turnkey marketing solution for new vendors.  We have developed relationships across all departments within each organization within the Broadcast Channel and understand what is required in order to successfully sell products on TV.

Standard Marketing Services:

  • Work with vendor to create competitive product proposals
  • Pre-production and conceptual on-air planning with network production teams
  • Coordination with legal entities to ensure the authenticity of claims, props, and demonstrations
  • Development of marketing materials, digital imaging, and copy
  • Development of on-air demonstrations and props
  • Management of on-air samples
  • Formation of suggested show-flow with recommended demonstrations, top selling features, positioning, etc.
  • Host training and guest host management
  • Assort the full product lineup on the web to increase brand presence and maximize sales opportunities
Optional Marketing Services:
  • On-site production management
  • Inception of rebate programs including audit and payout
  • Customer service/sales training for client sales staff and call centers
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