About Us
International Marketing Group, Inc. (IMG) was founded in 1983 as a strategic solutions provider based in St. Louis, MO.  As of 2007, IMG’s operations are based out of Pacific, MO when the company expanded into a new distribution center to meet the ever-increasing demand of our clientèle.
While our business has changed over the years, our philosophy has stayed the same.  We have remained sensitive to the needs of the end-user customer experience, regardless of the product or retailer we are working with.  That has been, and always will be, our main focus.  Furthermore, IMG has the outlook and the means to meet the needs of these customers in the form of great customer service, while still remaining an invisible partner.
For more information or to speak to a representative, please contact us at 800-639-1090 or customerservicegroup@intmar.com.

Mailing address:

13 Industrial Drive
Pacific, MO 63069
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